Now You Can 3D Print Your Own Apple Pencil (Without the Wait)

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A maker from London just couldn’t wait for the Apple Pencil to come out. So he decided to print his very own.

“After [I] saw yesterday the presentation of the ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil, I was curious to see and touch this new device Apple create[d] but it will release in November,” Simone Fontana told “I decide to look at some videos and photos and figure out the right size of the pencil, [then I started] to design it in Rhino 3D. Now everyone [who] is curious like me can print it in less than 90 minutes and understand what it looks like.”


While it looks rather clunky, the print is actually quite functional and gives a good indication of what the real deal will be like when it is finally released.

You can also try it out for yourself at MyMiniFactory.