Now You Can 3D Print Your Own Dragon

A company has just released a Do-It-Yourself 3D printed dragon.

Founded in 2009, bq has a mission to “help people understand technology, we inspire them to use it and develop it.”

As part of their efforts, they frequently release 3D printed designs, available in downloadable files, that you can make yourself.

Their latest is a DIY dragon named “Braq” who is fully articulated and designed by by a woman named Sonia Verdu.

The dragon is printed in 42 pieces and then strung together with elastic, allowing the dragon toy to move.

There is little else needed to make Braq come to life.

“In the downloadable files, you will find the G-code files prepared for your 3D printer,” the company explained. “We also added the STL files which include brackets and, if you prefer, you can download the original modeled without brackets.”

The company has also released a handy video showing just how easy assembling your very own 3D printed dragon can be.

Photo Credit: Screenshot (Braq) via