Now You Can 3D Print Your Very Own Super Mario Bros. Warp Pipes

Children of the ’80s are all grown up and embracing 3D printing technology in fun ways.

First, there was a team in France used 3D printing technology to create a working replica of the KITT car from Knight Rider complete with remote control parts.

Now, 80s child Jason Kirk has recreated one of most iconic parts of Super Mario Bros. – the warp pipes.


Kirk said he has always loved the classic games.

“As a child of the 80s (born in 1980), there was nothing cooler than Nintendo when I was a kid,” Kirk told “A few decades later, I still appreciate the games of my childhood more than most modern games. I still keep old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games around, and play them as often as I have the chance. I think classic retro games are ingrained in my imagination, and still inspire me to create art to this day.”

So, he thought it would be a fun project to make the warp pipes complete with carnivorous plants.

“It didn’t take more than a few hours to get a functional design that I was happy with,” Kirk explained about his cool project. “Aesthetically, I wanted the model to echo the 8-bit look of the Mario pipes, which is why it is more square than round. Functionally I had to account for the needs of the plant that would live inside the pot. This meant creating vents to allow water to soak up from the bottom, while allowing enough room for root growth.”

The result is a fun way to remember your childhood games that is actually a functional flowerpot and accent piece as well as a sweet blast from the past.