Now You Can Create 3D Print Creations Made from Coffee Waste

A North Dakota company is turning bio-waste into 3D printing filaments.

C2renew specializes in sourcing agricultural materials that would otherwise be thrown away and repurposing it into something that is both environmentally-friendly and renewable.

Their newest product uses coffee byproducts — the part of the bean that ordinarily gets tossed — and turns it into filaments that can be used in any 3D printer.

Dubbed ‘Wound Up’, the filament, which not surprisingly comes in brown, is currently available on the 3Dom USA website in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter and costs just $49 per 1kg spool.

“The filament produces products with a rich brown color and a noticeable natural grain,” C2Renew explains on their site before joking, “Now a cup printed with Wound Up™ is a true ‘coffee cup.'”