Now You Can Have a 3D Printed Ring That Looks Like Your Pet

Thanks to a brand new Japanese company, pet lovers can carry a 3D image of their furry friends everywhere they go.

Ringpet, the brainchild of Yoshinobu Kakumura, uses photos of precious pets to make fully customized 3D printed rings.

The process is rather simple. Pet owners simply go to (English users have their own order page), upload a few pictures of their favorite pet and Kakumura does the rest.

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After stitching together the photos, the 3D designer creates a tiny bust of the pet on top of a the ring. The whole process takes about a month and costs around $100 for first-time orders.

Since the project just launched, it is too early to say if the rings will be a success, but Ringpet’s founder is hopeful the quirky jewelry will find its niche.

Calling his ring pets “a unique and fun service,” the pet ring maker  credits the birth of his new business to the advent of  “full-color 3D printing,”

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