Now You Can Have Custom 3D Printed Gummy Candy

A German team has gone way beyond gummy bears with a new 3D printer that can custom print yummy, gummy creations.

The Magic Candy Factory — the first consumer 3D candy printer ready for market — looks like an ordinary 3D printer. However, instead of using plastic to print, it uses gum to print one-of-a-kind, personalized designs.

German candy makers Katjes is currently beta testing the gummy printer. During the trial period in Berlin, the public can design their own custom creations for just 5 Euros.

Once the customers use an iPad interface to design their candy, they hit ‘Print’ firing up the 3D printer.  Just five minutes later, their gummy candy is done.

Melissa Snover is one of the 3D printed candy team for Katjes.  She stresses that although the candies use all natural ingredients, they are definitely not a healthy snack.

“Sweets are something special,” Snover said. “These printed candies are a pleasure [to eat]. I’m not saying that you should eat a whole bag of them for breakfast though. People have responsibility for their own bodies, and they have responsibilities towards their children, which teach what balance means.”

Still, the novelty candy is  a perfect way to give a special treat to a friend or create an edible greeting card personalized with your own message made in sugary fun.