Now You Can Print Your Very Own Blackhand Warhammer


Fans of World of Warcraft will recognize the ominous glowing warhammer as the weapon of choice of Blackhand, an orc who features prominently in the game and novels.

Yet, makers will also appreciate the innovative use of PETG filament that went into the design.

Sara, the Finnish maker who created the warhammer, did not have a lot of experience with the translucent filament before she tried her fan-art.

However, she was skilled at 3D printed and decided to give the warhammer a go.

“I chose this item as the first test model simply because I only own red PETG at the moment so the glow had to be reddish or orange and the hammer wielded by Blackhand seemed like a perfect test piece. It is also a decorative item, fan-art, cool thing to own if you’re fan of the game, and just a fun thing to print and build – including different printing materials, little bit of electronics and surface finishing with paints it has a bit more challenge to complete than a simple PLA print,” Sara explained to 3D print.

Fitting the warhammer with LED lights to illuminate the PETG panels and 2 AA batteries to make it all work, Sara’s version of Blackhand’s warhammer looks a lot like the one from the game, especially once she painted it.

You can also download the design to make a Blackhand’s warhammer of your own here.