Boo! Halloween skullduggery at Objet

objet skulls

Does Sam Green, Objet’s Creative and Content Manager, have a job to kill for or what? He gets to write up and all the great stuff his leading 3D printer company is up to, and he also gets to peek over the shoulder of what his designers are having fun printing.

In his blog post yesterday, he said he was walking through the machine production floor and happened to see something that one of their designers created, presumably inspired by the Halloween season. Or maybe it wasn’t even in the spirit of All Hallows’ Evening, as people involved in 3D printing are known to have quite the creative imaginations, holidays aside.

Made for this week’s spooky celebration or not, you can see that it’s quite the macabre model.

Someone unfamiliar with 3D printing would assume that each skull was created separately and then glued together. But no, this conglomeration of craniums was printed in one piece, in one pass of an Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printer. And it wasn’t painted after the fact either; it features a mix of five different colors printed in the single pass.

And here’s the beauty of it. You know engineering types don’t usually design something that doesn’t have some use, right? That holds true with this piece — he uses the eye sockets to hold his screwdrivers, pens and pliers!

Happy Halloween!

Source: Objet’s “It’s a 3D World” blog