Objet donates beautiful 3D Prints to auction for youth

On May 30, 3D printer manufacturing company Objet donated 70 incredibly beautiful art pieces to ELEM and ‘Mifalot Chinuch Chevra,’ both non-profit organizations working to assist at-risk youth with a range of social and educational development programs. The 3D printed objects were exhibited at the Holon Design Museum in Israel, one of the leading museums for design and contemporary culture.

The one-of-a-kind pieces were designed by a group of some young designers at d-Vision, which is a design internship program of leading maker of plastic furniture and storage for home and garden, Keter Plastic.

After the group designed their unique objects in CAD software, Objet took over and 3D printed them on their Connex multi material 3D printers.

Here’s Professor Ezri Tarazi, head of the d-Vision program, on the young designers:

“This project brings together many elements that are central to d-Vision: outstanding design and art, advanced technology, and commitment to our community. We were delighted to see how our young designers’ artistic ideas turned into spectacular reality through the high-quality 3D printing capabilities of Objet. We are looking forward to seeing how our combined efforts will eventually help make a difference in young people’s lives, through the money raised by auctioning the art pieces for ELEM and Mifalot Chinuch.”

Objet’s David Reis weighed in on the project:

“We are delighted to be participating in this very prestigious design project and proud to be contributing to the commendable work of ELEM and Mifalot Chinuch in working to ensure a better future for our youth. By pairing d-Vision’s innovative and artistic designs with Objet’s advanced 3D printing technology, we have created a powerful platform to expand the boundaries of art and design while contributing to the betterment of the community.”

Once you’ve watched the video above that shows off the stunning models, you should watch the following video that shows in fast motion how the objects where 3D printed.

Source: Objet here and here