Let me Make Something Perfectly Clear

3D printers are creating objects in a variety of materials, with new source materials being introduced frequently. 3D printer manufacturer Objet makes a clear material called Objet FullCure720, which is a rigid, nearly colorless material featuring great dimensional stability for general purpose, fine detail model building. And it turns out, wine glasses.

But don’t pour yourself a glass yet. It’s not for drinking with, but for simulating the visual properties of glassware and PMMA. Take a look at the quick video below, which shows how Italian 3D Printing Service Provider Fast 3D is using the clear material to produce a prototype that is virtually indistinguishable from the final product.

For some further information, below is a promotional video from Object which demonstrates its use in a number of scenarios including glasses, lenses, lighting cases and more.

And, you can combine Objet FullCure720™ and Objet VeroBlack™ to create different artistic patterns and transparent shades.