Objet video demonstrates their 2012 3D printer technology

3D printer maker Objet has put together a video that they can run at their exhibition booths at various events around the world. Objet says, it “nicely demonstrates both the breadth and depth of Objet’s 3D printing capabilities, as we stand so far in 2012.” We think it shows off so well what can be made with 3D printers that we’d we’d run it here for you. So many people have still yet to understand what 3D printers actually can do, that we always want to sneak in videos like this from time to time. We’re not pumping Object, we’re happy to run viceos from other 3D printer companies as well.

The video shows most of the Objet 3D printers, including the larger Objet Eden and Connex products.

Taken from the Objet blog post, here’s how they describe what’s in the video:

  • A nice range of rigid opaque 3D models including a blender prototype (in Objet VeroBlue and VeroWhitePlus)
  • Some clear transparent prototypes (a wine goblet, mouse cover and faucet parts)
  • Some very cool parts printed in ABS-like Digital Material (a functioning skateboard, a foldable stool and various snap-fit clips)
  • Our high temperature 3D printing material (used in a car air-con system and a painted coffee cup prototype with boiling water in)
  • Some digitally produced dental parts as used by digital dental labs
  • Some functional 3D printed bike parts as used by Trek Bikes
  • Acoustic amplifier prototypes as used by Fishman
  • And many multi-material 3D printed parts produced on the Objet Connex machines such as a human hand (for surgery planning), a drill and more.

UPDATE: This video from Objet just came out right after we published the post, and wanted to add it here. Sam Green, who runs the terrific blog at Object, explains the types of things you can do with an Objet printer:

Looking forward to the Objet IPO, unless someone buys them first (see article in link).