Office Depot Expands 3D Printer Program


The march towards an increased retail presence of 3D printing continues. Last week, it was MakerBot opening retail 3D printing stores. This week, Office Depot steps up their 3D printing offerings.

The office supply chain had previously launched a small test of their 3D Systems Cube 3D printing experience and feedback from customers has been very positive. Seeing success, the company has decided to expand the trial run into 150 of their stores nationwide.  According to a senior executive within the company, “We received an overwhelming response from our initial pilot program in Denver. Customers ranging from tech buffs to entrepreneurs to marketers, educators and stay-at-home parents commented on how they would utilize 3D printing in their lives. With that insight, we knew we needed to expand the scope and offer these demonstrations to markets across the country.”


Their 3DSystems Cube uses a tablet like touch screen, offers 16 color variants for customers to choose from, including two glow in the dark options, and can print objects up to 5.5 cubed inches in size. With their expanded locations, Office Depot is also offering an updated version of the 3D Systems Cube called the CubeX 3D Printer that can handle 18 different colors and print up to 10.8” x 10.45” x 9.5” sized objects.  Both the 3D Systems Cube and the CubeX models are available for retail purchase at either $1,299 for the original model or $2,499 for the new, more advanced printer.

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