Older Folk React to a 3D Printer and It is Hilarious (VIDEO)

The team at Five Brothers Entertainment had the brilliant idea of putting a Robo3DR1 3D printer in front of a group of older folks to see how they would react.

The results were pretty hilarious.

One woman decided the printer must be an automatic lanyard maker. Another was unimpressed and pronounced the printer “small.”

Then when told what it was, one guy grabbed a spool of filament and said, “I just don’t see how a little thing like this can make a three-dimensional product.”

Once they started test driving the 3D printer, many remained on the fence about the new technology, especially when it came to the printing speed.

“Wow, it’s almost as slow as my printer at home,” one said, while another one chimed in, “This could take a while, couldn’t it? Does it move any faster?”

One elder participant even reckoned that rather than wait 17 hours, she could get in her car, go to the store, get what she needed and be back long before the printer was done doing its magic.

Only when the finished product — a Thor’s hammer — was brought out did the elder’s approve.

“It’s fantastic. This technology’s going to change everything,” one lady said, finally mustering up a bit of impressed.

Watch the elders vs. 3D printer above