Oops! TSA’s Master Luggage Keys Can Now Be 3D Printed Thanks to Leak

The Washington Post recently printed a picture of TSA’s master luggage keys that they use to unlock luggage for inspection.

That is when some intrepid maker decided to duplicate it with the help of 3D printing technology.

The Verge explained why the leak of the TSA’s master key is such a screw-up that could ultimately cost both the TSA, lock companies and people who lock their luggage big now that the keys have found their way into unauthorized hands.

“The TSA asks lock-makers to use designs approved by the agency, ideally keeping the luggage out of thieves’ hands while still allowing the TSA access,” the Verge reported. “But with the photos — and now the 3D printing plans — readily available, anyone with a 3D printer also has access.”

Twitter user Bernard Bolduc quickly put the blueprints to work and created his own TSA key which he demonstrated on social media to show it actually works.

It is unclear what the TSA plans to do now that their key blueprint is out there, but the files are currently still available for download at Github.