Bioprinting pioneer Organovo added to NYSE, gains 55% last week, rings opening bell this morning

Bioprinting pioneer Organovo is the only publicly traded stock of its kind. While there are a small handful of 3D printing stocks, only this company is strictly focused on bioprinting. We’ve published many articles on this incredible company, both from a technology and investing viewpoint.

Today was a big day for Organovo — as new member of the New York Stock Exchange they were able to ring the opening bell this morning. Last week the stock, ticker ONVO, saw a 55% increase in price thanks to its addition to the NYSE on July 11. As I write this, just after the market open today, it’s up another 14% at about $6.85.

To celebrate its listing, we’ve included a gallery of Youtube videos that discuss Organovo in one way or another. Just click on any thumbnail to have the video pop up in a player.

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