Paradigm Shift: 3D printing enables dreams to reality

3D printer company Objet consistently puts out terrific videos, and they’ve really one-upped themselves with their latest, which they’ve named “Enabling Dreams to Reality.” The video is a beautiful production, showing not the technology of their 3D printers, but the world-changing benefits of having 3D printers readily available to us.

And Objet’s wordsmith Sam Green in his blog post today adds beauty to beauty with what he wrote up to go along with the video. I normally don’t like to paste others’ posts into our pages, but in this case I’m going to make an exception because I really want to share what Sam said. He begins by proposing that we may be missing the bigger point of where the paradigm shift of 3D printing lies. He explains:

In the video above we wanted to re-focus on the what 3D printing really means – and that’s breaking down the barriers that remain between ideas (dreams) and actualizing them (reality).

Ideas are a gift. They begin with a moment of clarity, of inspiration – where the intensity is so great we feel that nothing can keep our vision from becoming reality. But often, our excitement wanes as the difficulties of bringing our ideas to fruition begin to wear us down. The inertia of the real world sets in and we too often give up. And as a result, we learn to nip our ideas in the bud, try to suppress them as pure fantasy not to be indulged in or allowed to interfere with our every-day routines..

And that is what 3D printing can change for the better. Ideas to reality at the press of a button. The result will be more and more ideas coming to fruition, coming from an ever wider pool of innovators from different walks of life. And with it, hopefully new solutions to problems we never imagined we’d solve. Now that’s a paradigm shift!

Beautifully said, Sam. Great video, Objet.

Source: Object