Pixologic Sculptris Review


Pixologic’s Sculptris is a 3D modeling software designed for artists and creatives. Unlike other software, which uses polygons, Sculptris allows users to digitally sculpt their 3D models. This makes for a much easier learning curve and beginner-friendly user interface. As a free software, it is a great way for someone with no experience to get the hang of 3D printing.

With an easy-to-use interface, Sculptris allows novices to get started immediately but offers a rich sculpting toolset that also eases new users into more advanced levels. There’s no need to worry about geometry or polygons. Sculptris uses a surface that features countless triangles automatically built into your surface so you don’t have to worry about snapping shapes together or smoothing over Lego brick-like parts.

With a variety of brushes, you can add detail to various sized parts without affecting the rest of your model. You can also easily stretch and add parts by simply clicking-and-dragging. Symmetry mode also ensures that your model is symmetrical on both sides while sculpting brushes allow you to draw, grab, pinch, crease, flatten, smooth, and more. Sculptris also offers a number of preloaded textures and patterns as well as materials.

Sculptris does not require a major hardware setup but Pixologic does note that more powerful graphics cards will help render more fluid models. Sculptris requires Windows XP or newer (with 1 Ghz processor or better and 1 GB RAM or better) or Mac OS X 10.5 or newer (with 2 Ghz processor or better and 1 GB RAM or better).

As a free software, Sculptris is Pixologic’s entry level sculpting software that allows beginners and non-techies to get started in 3D modeling. If you are looking for a more powerful software, Pixologic also offers ZBrush, a powerful sculpting application that retails for around $800. Sculptris works seamlessly with ZBrush so you can import your existing designs once you have a good grasp on 3D sculpting and continue to work on it using ZBrush’s more powerful toolset.