The QU-BD One Up on Kickstarter:
that’s one helluva 3D printer for $199

One Up

When engineers decide to design a 3D printer they have to choose what to focus on. Some put the priority on size, like with the Gigabot. Some focus on ease of use, like the team behind the Zortrax M200. And the Bukito is all about portability. Yet when it comes to desktop 3D printers, the most popular goal is accessibility, as in affordability. There, the QU-BD One Up on Kickstarter beats them all at $199.

Don’t be fooled, the One Up is no cheap Chinese knockoff. Produced by the same company that successfully ran the Open Source Universal Dual Extruder, the One Up is built from the same components as the flagship Revolution that QU-BD produces. Nema 17 motors, precision ACME threaded rods, LM8LUU precision linear bearings, and an Anubis hot end will all ensure high-quality prints. To get the One Up under $200, it was stripped down to only completely necessary components, so the build volume was shrunk to 100mm x 100mm x 125mm and there’s no heated bed, though the electronics support the addition of one. It can still print at 100mm/s and achieve 50 micron layers. That’s impressive for $199.

And if you want more size, the Two Up is $279 with a build volume of 175mm x 175mm x 125mm. Also a great price, though do remember that these are kits. Still, such low prices will empower makers that otherwise couldn’t afford a 3D printer.