Replicating Robin Bäckman’s Sunglasses

This isn’t a video we’d normally show at because, well, it’s a little bit nutty. But, its nutty in a good way, and it’s just too funny. At the same time, it does highlight the power of 3D printing. Robin Bäckman (whom I know nothing about) made a video of himself designing and 3D printing a replica of his current sunglasses. He shows the process of taking photos of the glasses, importing them to Inkscape and then taking that file and bringing it into Blender to create the STL file. Then, he prints them on his RepRap 3D printer.

I apologize for the crude moment at minute 5:00.

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  • Abigail Fuller

    Hi Mark,

    I’m one of the producers on a fashion counterfeit documentary for The Sundance Channel and in one of the acts we’re trying to explore the future of counterfeiting and how 3D printing could revolutionize fashion.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    [email protected]
    (718) 422 0704 x304

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  • Glaswerk Optical

    So I watched this video and have to take some issue with it. First, without a bevel built into the lens openings, there is no way a lens could safely stay in them. How do we overcome this dilemma? Second, without a working hinge between the temples and the frame front; I struggle with seeing this as a viable product that anyone would pay money for. I gained knowledge of how he turned a 2D photo into a working schematic for the printer, but there are many an-answered questions…