Sandboxr’s awesome custom 3D model-to-print app lets everyone create interesting characters

sandboxr 3D modeling

3D modeling apps are about to explode in numbers similarly to the way iPhone apps did, now that 3D modeling printing service companies are releasing APIs to build apps. We just wrote up the Cubify AppCreate and the Thingiverse API. Prior to these API’s, there were already quite a few online 3D printing apps such as RobotNation and HeadBooble, but the new APIs will really get the app movement going.

Now there’s a new app about to launch looks to be quite sophisticated. It’s called Sandboxr and seems quite impressive at first glance. There’s nothing but an introductory video and a “Request Invite” link on the site, but the video foretells some pretty exciting stuff. According to their press release, “the online app provides a powerful 3D manipulation interface, designed to allow anyone of any age to have a truly customized product experience. The app is the ultimate playground for artists, game developers and end users alike.” We know there is a web-app version and judging from the video, there may be an iPad app as well.

In the demo video you will see a very cool little warrior created. We don’t know if the app will just create figurines or if it goes well beyond that. The wording in the press release leaves it wide open. However, the Founder Berkley Frei’s background seems to be as a 3D character artist, so my bet is that the app is all about characters.

CTO Nick Schulz said, “The process hasn’t been easy, but it has been exciting…the technology in this industry is changing on a daily basis, but there is still virtually no way for the everyman to tap into it. Sandboxr is changing that. We are ecstatic that we have been able to harness these technologies in a meaningful way while staying focussed on providing a simple and fun experience for our users.”

We can’t wait to see this one.

h/t: SolidSmack