Scientists Use 3-D Printer to Make New Jaw for Injured Turtle

A turtle has a new lease on life after a team from Turkey used a 3-D printer to create a new jaw for the ailing sea creature.

Animal rescuers from Dalyan Iztuzu Pamukkale University teamed up with the printing company BTech to fit the sea turtle with a titanium jaw after the turtle was found floating in the sea and near death.

Rescuers believe a boat propeller had hit the turtle, damaging its jaw beyond repair.

Without human intervention, the turtle would have died.

Now, with its new 3-D printed beak, the animal is on the mend.

The rescue team also released a video, showing the turtle with its new, high-tech beak attached.

The 3-D printing team at BTech donated their services to save the turtle and used CT scans of animal to get the fit just right.

As soon as the sea turtle heals and can once again fend for itself, it will be released back into the wild.

Photo Credit: Screenshot