ShapeDo: A Community-Driven 3D Printing Repository


With the recent launch of their website, startup company ShapeDo is changing the way the world looks at 3D printing.

ShapeDo is an online repository of 3D printable items that was created with a focus on community driven design. The site allows people to work together to create 3D printable designs as an online community. Simply download a design and set to work creating your customized version, or upload your own ideas and see them come to life.

With the ability to work with others on multiple 3D projects, many who might not otherwise have been interested in 3D printing are starting to dip into the world of 3D printers.

According to CEO of the startup, Ari Isaacs, the site was founded on the idea of working together to create amazing things.

“What really got me into the maker community is the way everyone works together,” said Isaacs. “There is no competition: curious brilliant people hang out and build stuff. Because we want to hack the world, because robots and 3D printers are awesome, and open-source robots are even better. That is exactly how we built ShapeDo – A place where everyone is working together to build stuff.”

The site was built with designers in mind and is free for anyone to use, and with open source licensing, many of the designs are able to be modified and improved upon. For those wanting to work a bit more privately, there is a paid option for this as well.

According to ShapeDo’s Facebook page, they plan to offer 3D printing services soon as well, at the very-affordable rate of $4.50 per printing hour.