An unstoppable reality: people begin to 3D print their own guns

We’ve published article after article on 3D printed guns, so no need for me to repeat the concept and recent events. If you need to catch up, read our articles on 3D printed firearms.

Mashable just put up a new video on the subject, and this one is quite interesting. Last month they went to Baltimore to see one of the first Cody Wilson-designedLiberator handguns printed in the wild.

Mashable tagged along with Travis Lerol, a 30 year old software engineer, who 3D printed his Liberator with $30 in material on a $1,300 3D Systems Cube printer.

Despite the State Department’s takedown demand of the Liberator’s CAD files on DEFCAD, it is still legal to build your own gun. And, as the Mashable article says, the ability for people to 3D print their own guns is “now an unstoppable reality.”

Source: Mashable

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