SolidWorks Review

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SolidWorks is a 3D modeling software that has become the industry standard in engineering, used by over 2 million people at over 165,000 companies around the world. SolidWorks prides itself the modeling platform “without limits” and allows for a comprehensive design interface that also lets teams of up to 10 people collaborate on one project at the same time.

SolidWorks is a Parasolid-based modeler, an advanced platform that allows for Boolean modeling operators, advanced modeling and surfacing, thickening and hollowing, and more. Despite its powerful array of complex tools, SolidWorks provides a simple user interface and short learning curve, allowing users of all skill levels to confidently draw on the power of the software and create 3D magic. In fact, demonstrations by the company have shown that products can be created in as little as eight minutes.

With products being designed within minutes, it has helped revolutionize 3D designing and printing, allowing designers and engineers to print products faster than ever before while still being able to focus on accuracy. With an extensive range of almost limitless tools such as an extensive parts library and multiple review modes, the application allows the user to customize their experience for their specific needs.

SolidWorks offers a number of different suite packages. SolidWorks Simulation allows users to see how their design would function in reality as a physical object. SolidWorks Motion is another application that allows you to validate that designs will function correctly. There are over a dozen others. Because of the way the software is packaged, pricing depends entirely on what unique combination of software you specifically need. The software only runs on Microsoft Windows so Mac users will have to find an alternative solution like AutoCAD.


  • Louis Cayle McKernan

    I love/hate solid works$5k for a license and no Mac version? Software is amazing, just wish they would offer it for Mac.