Some Guy Made a 3D Printer Out of Legos (And It Prints Chocolate)

Gosse Adema has already made a working 3D printer out of LEGO blocks.

So, for his next challenge, he decided to make a working 3D printer out of LEGO blocks that prints in chocolate.

According to Adema on his Instructables page, the whole thing wasn’t as easy as he imagined.

He explained, “Unfortunately, printing chocolate isn’t easy. But it can be done. And basically there are two ways to print chocolate.”

The first way, he said was to use a worm screw but that required pre-melted chocolate. The second way is to use pre-melted chocolate in a syringe.

Ultimately, Adema chose the syringe method so that the chocolate stays melted longer and edible.

Although, it took Adema a while to get it right, he said the LEGO 3D chocolate printer was worth it, because the best way to learn about something is to make one yourself.

“The best way to gain knowledge of a 3D printer, is to build one. Building this LEGO 3D printer taught me alot about all aspects of 3D printing,” Adema wrote. “Even making mistakes was part of the learning. The advantage of LEGO is that it’s easy to change parts of the design.”

He also uploaded his instructions so anyone can try their hand at his LEGO printer and a video showing how great his 3D chocolate printer actually works.