Someone Used 3D Printing to Turn a 1987 Firebird into the Knight Rider Car

Children of the 80s tuned in each week to watch David Hasselhoff share the screen with a super-intelligent and nearly indestructible car called KITT.


Now, thanks to 3D printing, KITT is back.

Using a 1987 Firebird, three Knight Rider mega-fans named Clement, Nicolas, and Patrick, decided to create their own KITT replica complete with moving parts.

The process took eight years and was finished with the help of 3D printing.

“At first the parts were made using glass fiber,” the men told “However since less than a year now, most of the parts are made using 3D printers.”

Most of the parts were made out of PLA, which they said was the right decision despite some doubts.

“You may say that PLA is the wrong material for this type of application, but the parts are printed with 100% infill and a special treatment is applied so that they keep their shape and don’t break or get warped from heat,” the designers said.

To add to the wow factor, nearly all the parts of KITT car can be operated using remote control.

While the new KITT is located in France, you can watch the amazing car in action above.