Someone Used 3D Printing to Turn an Ordinary Foosball Table into a Storm Trooper Battle Zone


Someone has decided to merge the worlds of Star Wars and foosball together. The result is a bit of 3D printed awesome.

Youmagine designer “excite” decided to transform his foosball table by 3D printing Stormtroopers to turn the game into an intergalactic battlefield.

Getting his Star Wars themed foosball table to work, though, proved to be a bit challenging.

Borrowing the head from another Thingiverse designer, “excite” had to modify his original plan to make the Stormtroopers durable enough for regular play.

“I decided to enhance our Foosball table with a ‘Star Wars’ theme,” excite said.  “Originally, I was going to print the entire Foosball ‘player,’ but there was some concern about the 3D printed players breaking. In the end, I just printed a head that snaps onto the head of the Foosball player.”

The snap-on head does make the players a bit heavier which impacts play somewhat, however,  according to  the designer, “We haven’t noticed any significant change to how we play, and it’s fun to see.”

The files for making your own Stormtrooper foosball table are available here.

Photo Credit: 3D Print