Your Favorite Sound’s Waveform 3D Printed on an iPhone Case

The Vibe 3D printed iphone case

Create your very own, one-of-a-kind, iphone case shaped with your favorite sound's waveform

We’ve seen sites where you can design your own iPhone case and have it printed on the service’s 3D printer and shipped to you. but “The Vibe” takes this a step further in a very unique way.

The Vibe is a product found on 3D printing service provider Shapeways, that is cool mashup of any sound that you create on SoundCloud and 3D printing. You will end up with a visual representation of a portion of your sound track, on your one-of-a-kind iPhone case. It’s not printed as a 2D image, but a 3D waveform.

Watch the video below:

It’s really easy to create your own. First of all, you let The Vibe connect you to SoundCloud where you select the sound you want to use. Then you’ll select a waveform from the track that will be physically, visually integrated into your iPhone case. Then check out, and your beautiful, unique iPhone case will be printed and shipped to you. Comes in black or white plastic. And it’s very competitively priced at $19.95.

To get started, go to The Vibe.

  • Charlton

    If you’re a proper geek, you should be able to identify the sound from the waveform… like being able to see the Matrix!