Steinway’s Newest Piano Has 3D Printed Parts

Steinway is known worldwide as the gold standard in piano manufacturing. Now, the top piano makers are embracing 3D printing technology for their newest instrument model.

While Steinway will continue to make the instrument’s working components the old-fashioned way, for the first time ever the piano’s casing and bench will feature 3D printed parts.

The model is part of a series called “Sun and Moon Matched.”

Intended for the Taiwanese markets, the special edition will feature porcelain inlay that has been 3D printed to provide delicate accents.

Franz teamed up with Steinway for the old-meets-new design.

Lijie Wen, a designer for Franz, explained that the porcelain tiles incorporate elements of the sun, moon and mountains and evoke the beauty of Sun Moon Lake.

The design, he added, was only made possible through 3D printing.

“I first thought about using the traditional method of wood wrapped tiles, but this does not show our inlay technique in a way that we thought was appropriate.” Wen said. “At the same time, when wrapped in wood, the thickness increases, and the music rest will not sound as nice.”

The result of the 3D printed accents is a beautiful instrument with the sound quality demanded of a Steinway.

The design is also comes at a premium price.

The collector instruments are selling for $10 million New Taiwan Dollars (approximately $323,216 USD). Only eight will ever be made.

Photo Credit: 3D Print