An overview of the Stratasys portfolio of 3D printers

We don’t typically run a company’s promotional video here, but Stratasys (and formerly Objet) always does such a great job on theirs and this one in particular is very good, providing an overview of it three lines of 3D printers now that they’ve officially merged with Objet.

They include the Idea Series of compact, affordable 3D printers, the Design Series (Objet line and Dimension line), which provide systems for prototyping and more, and the biggest iron, the Production Series, the line of Fortus FDM 3D printers used for high-level prototypes and production-grade parts.

I found this is a great video to pass along to friends and associates that would like a quick overview of what commercial 3D printers do. I got a couple “wows” in response so I knew it was worth publishing.