Students Design 3D Printed Mini Homes


Architect and professor Peter Ebner, with the help of his workshop students, has created a 3D printed pint-sized mobile house.

Using 3D printing technology, the group designed, developed, and printed a “mobile mini-house” that’s designed for efficient living. Very efficient living, that is – these homes measure 2.2×2.2 meters, or just over 7×7 feet.

Students from the University of California in Los Angeles, University of Huddersfield, Munich Technical University, and the Center for Entrepreneurship and University of Applied Sciences completed the full-scale mobile prototype last fall.

These small homes resemble space capsules, but inside the mini home you will find a fully functioning home. Complete with a bed, TV, kitchen table, and bathroom. The team worked with 3M futureLAB and Voxeljet to create the micro apartments. The dome shaped home includes a two-story room with folding chairs, and a projector that turns the entire wall into a TV.

The bedroom, which is accessed via a ladder, is on the top ‘floor’ and is complete with a window that allows for fresh air and extra light, although there are lighting fixtures as well. “Downstairs” the kitchen counter covers the bathtub and the toilet folds up with ease.

While the home obviously isn’t ideal for those with families, it was designed for those who are rarely at home, yet still need a place to crash. Full-time students come to mind. It includes all the necessities of those it was designed for, including a fridge.

The main features of the house, including the support structure and essential components were created using the 3D printing technology.