Summer Food Fun: MIT Students 3D Print Ice Cream

No food says summer more than ice cream and 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology students have found an innovative way to share the frozen treat through the power of 3D Printing.


Kyle Hounsell, Kristine Bunker, and David Donghyun Kim developed the 3D Printing ice cream machine as a way to grab the attention of kids in order to get them interested in technology and engineering.  Combining a Cuisinart ice cream maker – I own one and can vouch for their capabilities! – with a Solidoodle 3D Printer in a small commercial freezer was not quite enough, and with experimentation it became clear liquid nitrogen had to be added to the process.

Novel 3D Printing Ice Cream Machine

Novel 3D Printing Ice Cream Machine

While kids and hackers may try to make this at home, the machine is not quite ready for the mainstream market especially since regular 3D Printers are not extruding through FDA approved tubing.  Minor details.  But as all inventors, innovators, and engineers know you have to start with a prototype and then that can be turned into a product.  We’re looking forward to seeing when someone like Dairy Queen might hire these whiz kids to bring simple summer treats into the 21st century!

In the meantime, you can watch the 3D Printing ice cream machine here.





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    Here is a slightly different approach. Here we made up a homemade ice cream recipe and got pretty good results: No liquid nitrogen involved!