Symphony Shells: 3D Printed iPhone Amplifiers Inspired by Marine Life


Simply Amplified has launched their first 3D printed product line: iPhone sound amplifiers known as Symphony Shells.

Symphony Shells take their inspiration from marine life and are designed to give your iPhone a serious volume boost. The company claims that Symphony Shells can boost a phone’s volume by up to 400%!

The Symphony Shells double as attractive pieces of art and are easy to use. “Simply set your iPhone into the amplifier and you are ready to enjoy your music – just as if you are in the front row at the symphony.”

Symphony Shells are currently listed on Kickstarter, and they come in three designs: Urchin, Murex, and Nautilus.

“Symphony Shells emerged as the result of unbound creativity,” their Kickstarter page states. “What started out as a fun design competition to create the best acoustic amplifier for the iPhone resulted in a product with potential just waiting to be unleashed.”


The URCHIN is the only universal amplifier in the line and is compatible with any iPhone model. The URCHIN is the most affordable piece. It has an average amplification of 12 decibels and offers the best “bang” for your buck.


The MUREX features an omni-directional sound design which makes this a perfect centerpiece in any environment. It is tailored to fit your iPhone 3G/S or 4/S. The MUREX amplifies by an average of 16 decibels and has more customizable options than the URCHIN.


The NAUTILUS is the most customizable piece and is the original design that started it all. Featuring an attractive design, the NAUTILUS instantly becomes the audio and visual focal point of the room. Like the MUREX, it is tailored to fit your iPhone 3G/S or 4/S. This piece has an average amplification of 19 decibels, which means that you can enjoy the NAUTILUS at many outdoor events.

  • Tommy

    WOW! Nice gadget :) Will it be only for iPhone or maybe also for another smartphones? And how much will it be cost?