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American Pearl Recreating Family Jewelry Heirlooms

New York-based jewelry company American Pearl is allowing customers to recreate antique or long lost family heirlooms based off of nothing more than a single photograph. People often wish to have a piece of their…


Korean 3D Printed Jewelry Launch

A Seoul, Korea-based jewelry company founded in 2011 has recently launched its 3D printing services. Unlike other 3D printing companies which specialize in various services, JewelDistrict only specializes in 3D printing jewelry. The idea behind…


3D Printed Customizable Heart Pendants by Love.by.me.

French companies Dassault Systemes and Sculpteo are co-launching a new product that allows anyone to customize 3D printed heart-shaped pendants. While it’s already possible to create custom 3D printed jewelry, Love.by.me is a new web…