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13-Year-Old Selected as Autodesk’s Maker of the Day

May is Autodesk’s Maker Month – a month-long celebration for creative makers and artists alike. On May 13, 13-year-old Ritik Mehta was selected as the 13th “Maker of the Day.” If the name Ritik Mehta…

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Autodesk 123D Review

Autodesk 123D is a suite of free 3D modeling applications that offers a surprisingly efficient way for beginners to get started in 3D modeling without shelling out a boatload of money for Autodesk’s high-end design…

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Why Organovo needs Autodesk

The Dr. Frankensteins at Organovo have been bioprinting with code-based programs; they desperately need a real user interface that will speed up the process of biodesigning.