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3D-Printed Violin Looks Like the Future of Music

The future of music has arrived in the form of a futuristic looking 3D-printed violin. Architechts Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg of Miami’s MONAD studio came up with the design for the two-string Piezoelectric Violin….


Hear It! 3D Printed Flute Plays Microtonal Music

An Australian team may help change the way music is heard and composed. Researchers at Australia’s University of Wollongong (UOW) have just developed 3D printed flutes capable of playing microtonal music, offering a whole new…


A Musical Week in the 3D Printing World

Three cool musical projects emerged this week in the 3D Printing World, all taking advantage of the best aspects of 3D printing technology. Adafruit’s MIDI Project Being a huge Fab Lab fan, I’ve always loved…


3D Printed Guitar Pickup

Part of 3D printing’s popularity is due to its potential for creating custom shaped items –designed to your exact specifications. This has made 3D printing the perfect means for creating a 3D printed guitar pickup….

3d printed record Amanda Ghassaei

New record for printed records

Amanda Ghassaei is a designer that put together the algorithms to convert digital audio files into printable, playable records.