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3D Print an Apple iPhone 6

Maybe you are still trying to decide if the new Apple iPhone 6 is for you, unsure of how it will fit in your hand or compare to your current phone. But now, for $25,…


3D Print a Life-Size Replica of Yourself

3D printing your portrait is nothing new, but a 3D printed life-sized replica certainly is. According to 3Ders, a new print shop in China is offering just that: life-sized 3D printed portraits. Pinla3D, a chain…


3D Printed Robocop Suit

With the new Robocop film remake hitting theaters around the globe this week, many are wondering about the suit that Robocop wears. With the older, 1987 version of Robocop, Robocop’s suit was bulky, boxy, and…