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robot heart tn

3D printing hearts for robots

A pumping heart will not be a differentiator between humans and robots, as researchers at the University of West England have printed a heart for their EcoBot II.

inmoov robot head

3D print your own humanoid robot

Having only a year to work on it so far, French sculptor Gael Langevin already has the upper half of an open-source robot operating and on Thingiverse.

robotic arm with 6 DOF

Thing of the Week: Robotic arms

While there are plenty of fun and silly things on Thingiverse, there are pages and pages of practical tools and gadgets, including printable robotic arms.

3d printed tentacle thumbnail

Print me an arm

I’m tempted to cut my arms off. Don’t worry, not just yet, and not because I don’t want arms. No, quite the contrary. I want better arms. Working arms…Now there’s hope.