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Inside 3D Printing Show Returns to NY

For many years I attended the SME RAPID Conference with its focus on rapid prototyping.  Since rapid prototyping was one of the first applications of additive manufacturing [AM], there was always lots of 3D Printing…


3D Printed Garden Show Arrives in London

The world’s first-ever 3D printed garden show is set to go on display in London this week. The garden show, miNiATURE, will showcase 3D printed gardens created by designers around the world. Designers from Australia,…


2014 3D Printshow Has Made it to New York

The 3D Printshow, known as “the world’s hottest 3D printing event,” is an annual interactive 3D printing event that focuses the impact that 3D printing technology has on art, fashion, and movies. Founded in 2012,…