The beautiful sound of 3D printed guitars

You can’t yet print music, but you can print instruments that make music. And one type of instrument that is utilizing 3D printing technology beautifully is the guitar.

In the past we’ve covered the beautiful 3D printed guitars of Derek Manson and Olaf Diegel (and here). Not only are they things of beauty, they are functional and play well.

And you can listen to how nicely the guitars play in this new video of guitarist, Nadav Tabak, playing a range of different styles of music on several of Olaf’s instruments. The clip goes through chords, finger picking, funk, blues, heavy rock, progressive, and alternative rock.

The bodies of all the guitars you see and hear in this video were printed out of Duraform material (Nylon) on a 3D Systems sPro selective laser sintering system printer.

To learn more about the guitars specs, or to order one, go to Olaf’s ODD Guitars website.