It’s gigantic! Here’s the biggest ever 3D printed adjustable wrench.


objet1000 wrench 3d printed

Talk about exponential acceleration of technological advancement!

The hottest 3D printing video ever is the fully functioning, 3D printed adjustable wrench on a ZCorp printer. It’s probably blown more minds of those new to 3D printing than any video has.

But, that was so yesterday. Now, with the advent of the gargantuan Objet1000 3D printer, we’ve got a successor to the wrench video, a successor of gigantic proportions. And I mean gigantic quite literally. When someone says the Objet1000 has a build volume of 1000mm x 800mm x 500mm, it’s impressive. Very impressive. But it’s hard to visualize. Well, visualize this:

That’s freaking huge. To really get a feel for how much larger this Objet1000 3D printed wrench is than their previous largest 3D printed wrench on their Objet500 printer, watch this video:

No comparison. It’s got me wondering…what the hell is the Objet2000 going to print for us someday?

Here’a little more on the monster known as the Objet1000:

Source: Objet

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