The Industrialization of the Maker Movement


Wired Editor in Chief, Chris Anderson, says that in the last 20 years on the web, we have discovered that we can work together, in public–faster, better and cheaper. But that world is a world of bits. And we live in a world of atoms.

But if we take that innovation model we’ve created for the web, and apply it to manufacturing, now that we have 3D printers available to everyone, we could turn the world upside down. Hundreds of years of manufacturing will be disrupted and reinvented. He makes the point that just as desktop publishing upended the traditional printing process, so will the 3D printer remake the current inefficient manufacturing model.

About 20 minutes into this World Maker Faire 2012 presentation, Bre Pettis, founder of Makerbot, enters the conversation. He talks about his maker roots–teaching, instructional video making, roboting, CNC machining, his first hackerspace, and how he eventually launched Makerbot Industries.

Watching this video is really a great way to spend an hour. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By the way, Chris Anderson has new book out that looks to be worth reading, called Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.

Makerbot has just recently launched it’s fourth generation 3D printer, the Makerbot Replicator 2.

Source: Makerbot

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