The World’s First 3D-Printed Drone Reaches 150 Miles per Hour

3D printing technology has vastly improved in the world of aeronautics and drones.

Aurora Flight Sciences, an aerospace company, has been working hard to develop a new 3D printed drone that is capable of traveling upwards of 150 miles per hour. They have teamed up with Statasys to bring the project to life.

Tech Insider reports:

The drone is believed to be the fastest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ever assembled, reaching a top speed of 150 miles per hour.


Dan Campbell, an aerospace research engineer at Aurora Flight Sciences, said in a video that the goal of the project was to show aerospace companies how 3D printing can speed up the process of building a UAV.


The team’s feat shows the immense potential for drone production in the future. 3D printing the drone sped up production, lowered costs associated with production, and allowed the team to experiment with complex designs that could allow drones to accomplish more than they can currently.

See the video below:

Photo credit: Design Boom.