These 3D Printed Heels are Like Walking on Air

The shoes look futuristic and a bit uncomfortable. Yet according to the young designer behind the 3D printed shoes, walking on her heels is liking walking on air.

Neta Soreq, who just graduated with a BFA in Jewelry and Fashion Design from the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem — an institute that is becoming known for merging 3D printing with fashion — credits the comfort with the spring heel she designed.

She also said she studied people that moved a lot when deciding how to craft the shoes.

“My shoe design came from studying about hyper-actives people with a focus on different therapy treatments that direct the energy in the body,” she said. “I was inspired by the structure of the muscles and the natural movement of the foot in different positions. The spring heel has a mechanism which acts as a shock absorber, and gives the wearer a new walking experience.”

She also added that unlike most heels, her shoes may actually help reduce pain for the wearer.

“The wearer doesn’t feel the pain and pressure that occurs because of the incline of a high heel shoe that has a fixed heel. The shoes can also help people with knee and back problems,” she noted.

While Soreq has not yet announced a plan for marketing her futuristic shoes, her merging of fashion, 3D printing and function once again shows the innovative ways young designers are using to make their imaginations come alive.

Photo Credit: Neta Soreq