Thing of the Week: Customizer Contest Winners!

A couple months ago the Thing of the Week was the MakerBot Customizer Challenge, where three individuals would be chosen for their brilliant customizable contributions to Thingiverse, one each from the categories of Artistic, Useful, and Wearable. There were lots of creative entries, but here are the winners:

Artistic Winner — Parametric Music Box by wizard23

parametric music box

This is quite complex and just as fantastic. Every part is printed, assembled by snapping mechanisms, and the notes are completely customizable. This allows any song to be captured on printed plastic, as long as it’s a pretty short song.

Useful Winner — WALLY – Wall Plate Customizer by TheNewHobbyist

wally wall plate customizer

This was his first model designed in OpenSCAD, so kudos to him for winning a contest with it. There are five plate sizes and 18 ports that can be added, such as HDMI, USB, Cat5, and Firewire. According to his Mathlete friend, there are an estimated 850,789,801,599 combinations to be had.

Wearable Winner — for the birds by Benjamin

for the birds

It’s a bird pendant. You can adjust how many feathers and feet it has, the angles of each, and several other things. Cute.

Congratulations Customizers! Enjoy your Experimental Dual Extrusion Replicator 2s; you can print these dualstrusion models on Thingiverse now!