Thing of the Week: Featured Collections

Sometimes I’ll use a Featured Thing for a piece of the Thing of the Week because, well, they’re featured for a reason. This week I’m taking that a bit further since Thingiverse now has Featured Collections. Again, these Collections are featured for good reason. These users have compiled especially interesting and relevant things, so it’s fun just browsing. Take a minute and see for yourself.

Museum Love in 3D by ArtInstituteChicago

museum love in 3d 1

This collection is made up of 3D scans of sculptures and reliefs, some of which are very highly detailed. The Bust of Paris was sculpted in 1809 by Antonio Canova, and it was captured digitally with 123D Catch.

museum love in 3d 2

The Portrait of Alexander the Great is thought to have been sculpted around second century BC, and this printable copy was also captured with 123D Catch.

museum love in 3d 3

T. Rex. ‘Nuff said.

With this collection you can make a museum of any room in your house, and people can touch the exhibits!

Flexible Inspiration by PrettySmallThings

flexible inspiration 1

A collection that asks for inspiration from things that bend, hinge, flex, and spring. The Vibration Isolator v2 is fully printable and an excellent noise reducer.

flexible inspiration 2

A fully printable Plastic Spring could come in handy, and this one is attractive too.

flexible inspiration 3

The Tweezees are flexible, so they’re just as good at being amateur chopsticks.