Thing of the Week: Organization

If you’re a normal person, and I admit that’s a long shot, your desk is probably (at least) a little cluttered and you don’t know where all your screwdrivers are. Use these 3D printable Things to bring some organization into your life.

Dom’s Desk Organizer by Garcon87

Dom's desk organizer

My pens float about in a pullout drawer and I don’t even know where my USB stick is. Clearly, I could use one of these.

Tool Holder (OpenSCAD Parametric) by benglish

tool holder

This device will keep screwdrivers and allen wrenches organized and accessible, as both have a tendency to land in “junk drawers” if not specifically put up.

Parametric USB Cable Hanger by guyc

parametric usb cable hanger

Cables are the bane of the existence of anyone lucky enough to live in the Age of Information. Sometimes it seems they only transmit data despite their true purpose of getting tangled in knotted nests. Tame the unwieldy beasts with this USB cable hanger, and this Cable Catcher by GeekyDad.

Customizable Cable Tie by jetty

customizable cable tie

Cable ties are also great for keeping cables in tidy order, but they can do so much more than that. In fact, if these are printed in the recommended nylon, they’re strong enough to hold the weight of a Replicator 2. Impressive!

Printable VELCRO by eried

printable velcro

Horizontal and vertical hold is possible with this. As pointed out in the comments, the name Velcro is taken. I like the recommendation of PLA-stick the most.

Coat Hanger Filament Holder (every size) by Triskite

coat hanger filament holder

If you’re going to be printing some organization it’d probably be helpful to have your printing supplies organized too. This should do the trick.