Thing of the Week: Pictures

According to instagram, photography is cool. Be the hip one with these 3D printable picture enhancers.

Cubify launched the Pics app in November of last year; the app turns photos into 3D printable art. It’s pretty cool, but it doesn’t quite capture the detail of photography. So MakerBot beat everyone to true lithopane when they put the Customizable Lithopane on Thingiverse.

Customizable Lithopane by MakerBot

customizable lithopane mona lisa

A lithopane is a 3D image, where depth and shading are achieved through applying thicker layers on darker spots. The picture becomes visible only when light shines through it, so it should be positioned on a window or in front of a lamp.

Picture frame 4 in x 6 in landscape by beserkerscientist

picture frame landscape

If you already have physical photographs then this frame may be more to your liking. The cross is a removable backplate.

Simple Picture Stand by JO3RI

simple picture stand

Maybe you’re more minimalist or tactile; this stand is for you.

Handy Picture Hanger by Geotek

handy picture hanger

There’s a good chance that you already have framed pictures, ones made for hanging. This printable hanger allows for a decent amount of horizontal adjustment.

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