Thing of the Week: Tools you can use

Good tools can help make other tools, which means a 3D printer is one of the best tools. Even some of the tools that are required to assemble a 3D printer can be printed. I must say, though, I was surprised at the utility of some of the printable tools on Thingiverse. Save yourself some money at the hardware store and print these:

Turbine Rotary Tool by RichMac

turbine rotary tool

Powered by a vacuum hose, this printed turbine spins grinders and cutters at 60,000 rpm AND sucks up the debris at the same time. Clever!

Simple Adjacent Line Tool by Halodine

simple adjacent line tool

It helps you draw straight parallel lines. Simple.

Hobby Clamps by RotoScan

hobby clamps

For when you need to clamp things. If you need to vise things, there’s the Printable Vise by tjb1.

T-Handles for Small Allen Wrenches by garyacrowellsr

t-handles for small allen wrenches

If you can’t handle those tiny L-shaped Allen wrenches, these T-shaped add-ons should help a lot.

Customizable Wrench by gr0b

customizable wrench

The size and text of these wrenches are customizable, and they’re plenty strong enough for most jobs around the house.

Rotary tool accessories by Chooch

rotary tool accessories

This set comes with a circle cutter attachment, a sharpener, and a groove guide for rotary tools. Handy!

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