This 3D Printed Rubber Band Gun Can Sense Targets and Fire Automatically

A  student from Bienne, Switzerland has designed the ultimate 3D printed rubber band gun.

Kevin Thomas had long thought about designing a rubber band gun. Then he saw a design on Thingiverse that made his creative juices start flowing.

“The ‘Automatic Rubber Band Blaster’ gave me the inspiration to design something similar but automated,” Thomas told about his design. “I used an Arduino Mega and for the motion the sentry uses two servo motors, one micro servo 180° for the tilt (y-axis) and a normal one for the pan (x-axis). For the fire I used a 360° servo-motor.”

The result is a fully automated sensor gun that can fire up to 24 rubber bands in a row, or 30 if you add a bigger barrel.

It also has a shooting range of around 5 meters.

The design is available here on Thingiverse.